Presets for Moog DFAM

Visual overlays that are projected via Augmented Reality to quickly dial-in presets.

Visual memory for analog synthesizers through Augmented Reality

Yes, there are great-sounding analog synthesizers with no memory to store or set sound patches. To recall a certain sound patch you need to fall back on notes from yourself or others. With this AR experiment, I want to create a solution to quickly dial in a sound patch. Recall various settings with the help of a visual overlay. Put down the AR application as quickly as possible and use your ears and have fun!

Analog love

I’m a synthesizer lover and love to play and connect music with technology. Take a look at my development roadmap to find out what’s in the pipeline for this AR experiment.

Join the experiment

This AR experiment is far from perfect, but publishing and making it available for free, getting feedback is vital to push this experiment forward.


Hold the phone with your right hand and dial in the presets with your left hand. Done! The intention is to recall the various settings by projecting the augmented visual preset. Put down the AR application as quickly as possible and use your ears and have fun.


Presets for Moog DFAM

The first available presets are made for the Moog DFAM. Visual overlays to be projected via Augmented Reality to quickly dial-in presets. Different kinds of presets are available. Slow and low beats, bass and melodic patches, up to abstract techno.

Basic Tutorial:

How it works:

  • Position the phone parallel, side by side with the surface of the instrument. Click “Position” to lock in the direction.
  • Click “Start”.
  • Make sure you have a visual of the complete device, then tap the Moog logo.
  • Make minor adjustments to the positioning of your device. This shouldn’t take touch much time. If it does, choose restart.

A word about the author

TomyTones is a project from tech-no-logy artist Tommy Rombouts. Audiovisual content creator connecting old and new technologies. On a mission to push music culture forward. Find out more about his experiments

Development roadmap

  • First release for Apple iPhone.
  • Adding more presets for Moog DFAM.
  • Improving User Interface, adding adjustments to move and pivot the AR overlay.
  • Build for Android version.
  • Developing presets for Moog Subharmonicon.
  • Developing presets for bigger size synthesizers like Prophet-6, Matriarch,…